Refrigeration industry leader

4 decades of experience...

...in transportation and logistics for frozen goods. Established in 1974, Godfroy has over the years become a major player in transporting and storing frozen products. What sets us apart? A total commitment to quality, reliability and punctuality which is recognised by our client base. To safeguard our clients’ interests and the quality of the products we deliver, we generally transport goods using our own fleets. When it comes to enhancing your supply chain, Godfroy is your leading partner.


Established and recognised expertise in the agri-food business.





About us

  • 1974 : Transports GODFROY is founded by Thierry and Lionel GODFROY in Saint-Contest, in the area surrounding Caen. Godfroy specialises in transporting frozen goods across the whole of the south of France.
  • 1986 : The company acquires Carpiquet premises and relocates the business. A storage room is built and warehouses are built in July 1986.
  • 1990 : Godfroy distributes frozen goods across the whole country. In pooling the fleet and warehouses, Godfroy is a pioneer in integrated logistics.
  • From 1986 to 1996 6 storage chillers are built across a total surface area of 50,000m3.
  • 2000 : New warehouses at Colombelles (a suburb of Caen) are acquired.
  • 2005 : A warehouse is set up at the site of the Port 2000 terminal in Le Havre, with a capacity of 22,000m3.
  • 2010 : Japanese group NICHIREI, number one in the refrigeration industry in Japan, buys the company as part of its European development plan.
  • 2013 : A fourth warehouse stretching across 20,000m3 opens in a suburb of Lyon.

Since its beginnings, the company’s positioning has remained constant: offering the very best service to its clients. The methods that we put into practice are simple and consistent: using our own drivers and fleets, training our staff using our own tutors, and vehicles that are regularly renovated and maintained in-house.
Every week, several dozens of clients across France put their trust in us.  Quote

Quality of service

100% integrated skills

In order to continue relentlessly providing a maximum level of service, Godfroy took the decision not to subcontract. All of our staff are trained according to our own methods, and we take care of training all of our drivers in-house, both at the induction stage and through continuous training, particularly when it comes to acquiring the best methods for rational driving.

100% command of our tools

Godfroy everything it needs, from the buildings to the vehicles. We are constantly updating our fleet of vehicles, thereby guaranteeing they comply with anti-pollution standards. Maintenance and repairs are also carried out by our own teams.

We work in your time

Whether picking up or dropping off merchandise, Godfroy is loyal to the belief that gives the company its added value: scrupulous fulfilment of our commitments. Specialising in agri-food transport and storage has taught us the importance of rigour. Our vehicle will be with you at the time you request – that is our promise to you.

Your merchandise is precious

Godfroy ensures rigorous monitoring processes, cold chain compliance, and the safeguarding of the quality of your merchandise upon delivery.


  • Our transport plan
  • Specialising in frozen product bundles based on the sample provided,
  • Pick-up available across France, Belgium and Luxemburg
  • Regular frequency
  • Daily deliveries in France, Belgium and Luxemburg


  • Receiving and managing stock
  • Receiving merchandise on pallets or in bulk, in trucks or refrigerated containers
  • Sorting and dividing merchandise into bundles
  • Temperature measurements
  • On-board computers on handling equipment
  • 4 sites
  • Carpiquet : 50,000 m3
  • Lyon : 20,000 m3
  • Le Havre : 22,000 m3
  • Colombelles : 44,000 m3

Orders are prepared upon client request

  • Storage at -20°C
  • Stock management by EDI
  • Use of laser barcode readers and radio frequency
  • HACCP-certified

The Nichirei group


The Nichirei group is one of Japan’s key agri-food groups. The secret of its success? The group expanded by following changes in Japanese cooking and food consumption habits.
Its subsidiary, Nichirei Logistics Group, specialises in low temperature agri-food logistics and is the world’s sixth main player in the cold storage sector.

Nichirei Holding Holland B.V.

Although they were already covering Europe efficiently with the sites they had stretching from Rotterdam to Germany, Poland and Benelux, in 2010 Nichirei wanted to expand its network towards southern Europe. Buying Godfroy in 2010 allowed the French company to breathe easy, continue business and develop its activity. But it also marked Nichirei’s entry into the French market, accelerating its development in Western Europe with new sites in Caen, Lyon and inside an ultra-modern port complex in Le Havre.

Godfroy and Nichirei found common ground in their shared value of customer service. Today, both partners relish this successful partnership and through its expertise and dynamic approach, Godfroy has become an important part of Nichirei’s European structure.